Early Childhood Community

The Early Childhood (“EC”) community is a five-day, multi-age program for children from three to six years old. In keeping with the “whole child” approach to learning advocated in Montessori education, children in our EC program independently explore activities in sensory development, practical life skills, language, math, science, art, and cultural studies. In addition to the students’ independent exploration of learning materials, the Montessori-trained EC teachers and assistants help guide students with individualized work plans and lessons. Throughout the day, older children model for younger friends and help to guide them in various activities. All children in the EC classroom experience the opportunity to both lead and follow.

The Early Childhood class encourages an atmosphere of community. Teachers lead daily group lessons, songs, and games that are engaging and nurture cooperation. All children help maintain the classroom by folding laundry, cleaning up dishes, and returning furniture to its place after work and meals. Children are also responsible for restoring their learning materials to the proper place after lessons or work time. EC students also have the opportunity to work in the outdoor garden at various times throughout the year. Children in our Early Childhood community attend an all-school chapel once a week, and a Music Together® music class twice a week.